It's time to build your guild!


🎯Minimum of 10 active members
🎯Minimum of level 600 per account
🎯Must have Facebook Group Chat (for verification purposes)
🎯You can't join another guild if you're already in a Guild. Strictly 1 IP = 1 main account, 1 main account = 1 guild


✅300 BLESS
✅300 SOUL
✅1,000 WCOIN for Guild Master
✅500 WCOIN for members
✅Lucky Set 2 Package for GM Char
✅Lucky Set 1 Package for Members
✅Bound 3rd Wing/Cape for GM + 13 (DL Only)
✅Bound 2.5 Wing/Cape for Members +11

Message the Facebook page to apply!


Failure to comply with the requirements will result in the rewards being voided.
The admin reserves the right to change or update the said rewards without prior notice.
Abusers of the reward will be instantly banned without prior notice.

🎯Group Community:
🎯Discord Community:
🎯Official Facebook Page:
🎯Download Link: