September 17, 2021, to October 15, 2021

Every Friday 9 PM GMT+8


1. To be eligible for the prizes of the Arka War Season 1, the guild must have a minimum registration of 2,500 pieces of Sign of Lord.


2. Every scheduled Arka War, the guild that captures and wins a specific map gets a corresponding point/s


Point System

🎯Debenter - 2
🎯Ubaid - 1
🎯Alkmar - 1


3. The Guild with the highest points gathered after the event duration of Arka War Season 1 will be the champion and 2nd highest point will win 1st runner up.


4. In case of a TIED score. The condition who will be in the higher place will be as follows:

  • Total number of captured maps
  • Total number of Sign of Lord registered


5. Points will be voided for Guilds that disband or re-guild during the event duration.


6. Changing the Guild Name registered to the Arka War Season 1 will result in a point reset.


Arka War Season 1 Prizes



🎯1x Blessed Divine of Archangel +L+15+ Full Options of Choice (Except Gunner) (Trophy)
🎯Gold Fenrir
🎯250,000 Ruud Points
🎯1000 pcs Jewel of Bless
🎯1000 pcs Jewel of Soul
🎯1000 pcs Jewel of Life
🎯5x Golden Sentence


Note: Trophy will be forfeited if

🎯The Defending Champion of Season 1 lost in Season 2
🎯The Defending Champion of Season 1 changed Guild Name
🎯The Defending Champion of Season 1 disbands


Event mechanics and prizes may change without prior notice.

Good luck participants!


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